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Blue Green Kyanite XL Palmstone A (GSL6A)

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Stunning shimmering Blue Green Kyanite Extra Large Palmstone.

Blue Kyanite allows removal of energy blockages and promotes clear speaking.  It is balancing and clears negativity.  Perfect for meditating due to its calming nature.

Green Kyanite is perfect for self healing and supporting and bringing balance into a centered heart space.  It enhances sincerity and supports truthfulness from the heart.  It will help us tap into and connect with our dreams.  Green Kyanite is also a perfect nature stone allowing us to work with the earth and elementals.

I believe this piece has been stabilised which does not affect this beauty's energy.

This gorgeous palmstone measures 7.7 x 6.3 x 2.2cm and weighs 172gms.

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