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Chrysocolla Malachite Polished Palmstone (T71-39A)


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Gorgeous Chrysocolla with Malachite polished freeform palmstone. Perfect for keeping the peace and allowing for calm within.  It will gently sooth emotions that do not serve and support us through the process.  It is a loving, harmonising stone that allows us to become aware.

This lovely features a hint of Malachite.  The energies of Malachite truly amps up the healing process.  Malachite is protective, truthful and is known to bring subconscious issues to the surface where they can be faced and healed. Combined with the gentle energies of Chrysocolla you have a powerful combination to bring your emotions to a place of peaceful release and heal.

This beauty measures 5.2 x 3.5 x 2cm and weighs 56gms.

Blue Green

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