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Basalt Black Sphere 69mm (T71-26A)


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Black Basalt is a fairly new stone to come into play.  It carries a similar energy to obsidian in that it is a sedimentary lava rock created through volcanic activity and eruption.  It is deep, mysterious and protective but also feels like an older wiser energy.  It is said to help represent the potential within ourselves.  It provides courage and strength, it is stabilising, aligns, grounds, balances us with our inner ancient wisdom perfect for ancestral healing work and will help with leading us into a truer version of ourselves.

Judy Hall gives some interesting insight into this stone Here.  She feels that different energies, affected chakras and healing modes come into play dependant on the locality in which the Basalt is found.

This sphere's location is Africa. 

Photos taken in both inside and in direct sunlight.  This unique piece is actually quite mysterious in that photographing was quite difficult!

This beauty measures 69mm in diametre (across the middle) and weighs 428gms.

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