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Clear Quartz Sacred Geometry Set - 5 Piece (KA22)


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Gorgeous Set of 5 Clear Quartz Platonic Solids. Perfect for meditation and chakra healing and balancing.

These sets are handcrafted (not by us) so therefore the hinges and clips are a little quirky in character.

"Sacred Geometry is an instrument of dialog between man and God, permitting us to find unity inside nature's diversity it provides complete understanding and experience to consciously shape our future and accelerate the ascension process. They show us how to open our hearts and evolve the consciousness through models." Each piece represents the following:

Tetrahedron - Fire - Manifest

Cube - Earth - Grounding

Octahedron - Air - Integration

Dodecahedron - Spirit - Transformation

Icosahedron - Water – Ascension

Each piece measures between 1.4cm and 2cm in size dependant on the shape.


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