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Citrine Natural Untreated Large Tumble (T7-21)

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Natural Untreated Large Hand polished freeform Citrine Tumble.  This guy is a perfect pocket piece and will also stand like a mini display freeform.

Are you wanting to bring in and create ALL of the Good Stuff?  Looking into manifesting Abundance, Wealth, Health, Love, Life, or just wanting Sunshine in a Crystal?  Then you need Citrine.  Citrine is the powerhouse of the Law of Attraction and a Must Have in the Crystal Kit!  Put in your wealth corner when practising Feng Shui, put a piece in your bag or wallet for continuous attraction of wealth and sunshine, or you can pop a cluster or nice point on your till to help bring in the $$$.  This amazing piece is Perfect for a healing room to bring in some uplifting positive energy.  

Origin:  Congo.

This large tumble measures 4.1 x 2.6 x 2.2cm and weighs 39.5gms.

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