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Agate Eagle Druzy Carving A (SL1-2-1A)


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5 x 5.5 x 1.5cm ~ 48.8gms

Stunning Agate Eagle Druzy Carving.

Beautifully handcarved around a sparkling druzy centre this stunning agate in beautiful shades of grey is a beautiful totem piece. 

The Eagle totem is that of spirit, the one who rises above and flies above the storms and clouds when times are rough.  It oversees life and the truth and it sees with clarity.  It allows connection to our highest God/Spirit for messages and connection.  A decisive bird of freedom with no fear.  An Eagle is the king of the skies.  It just is and it just does.

Agate is a quiet achiever working behind the scenes to assist with balance, clarity and to subtly heal on the deeper levels.  It is the perfect stone to compliment the Eagle Animal Totem and Spirit Animal.

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