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Ametrine Rough Chunk Small Medium (CU-5631-5)


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Gorgeously palm sized Natural Ametrine Chunk.  This would make a great meditation piece, a centrepiece for a manifestation grid or is a perfect pocket piece.  Beautiful purple with a golden heart it is quite a gentle piece and is a little lighter than it appears in the photos.

Amethyst is a stone of calm, intuition and spiritual wisdom.  It can also assist with the resisting and healing of addictive and compulsive tendencies.

Citrine is the stone of manifestation and abundance.  Combining these two make for a beautiful energy.  Ametrine allows us to bring about creative solutions, cleanse us from negativity and uplifts our spirit.

These awesome chunks measure approx each 5.9 x 5.1 x 3.1cms and weighs 117gms.

**Please handle this piece carefully.  Being rough stones they can have sharp spots**

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