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Aura Smoky Quartz Large Heart (IY2-1-3)

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7.9 x 6.8 x 2.8cm ~ 204gms

Beautiful Rainbow Aura Smoky Quartz Large Heart.

Please Note:

The coating on this piece is slightly imperfect.  Please do view the photos and zoom to see this so you know what to expect.  The price of this piece has been 
discounted accordingly.  Thank you**

This Smoky Quartz heart has been treated with an Aura coating to create what is known as an irridescent Rainbow Aura Effect.  The smoky quartz heart is stunningly clear with stunning veils, reflections and rainbows within.  This heart has a happy and uplifting but calming and settled feeling about it and is perfect as a meditational healing piece.


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