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Black Moonstone Heart C (GSL3-3C)


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Gorgeous Chatoyant Black Moonstone Heart with rich earthy tones and hints of rainbows and beautiful shimmer.  Black moonstone has all of the beauty of traditional moonstone although this energy takes you within.  An earthier, wiser connection almost "Crone like" in nature.

Key notes:  Goddess, Moon, Rhythms and Cycles, Intuition, Maid Mother Crone, Awareness, Divine Timing, Fertility, Creation, Balancing the feminine within, Stabilising and Balancing.

"Everything in perfect time" is the message of moonstone.  It shows us the ebbs and flows of life, the cycles and timing.  Incorporating the powerful moon energies, bringing wisdom and knowing, evoking divine power and guidance and assisting us with bringing our creative desires into reality.  It allows us to balance and tune into our feminine side.

Origin:  Madagascar.

This shimmering beauty measures 6.9cm across x 6.7 x 1.7cm and weighs 132gms.

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