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Black Obsidian Rough Chunk A Medium 484gms (CU-5631-4A)

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Strong and Powerful large hand sized Black Obsidian Natural Rough Piece.  Perfect as a centre piece of a large grid or focal point for a meditation.  Whilst this piece is completely rough it will stand for display purposes.

*Please handle with care as natural obsidian is a volcanic glass and is and can be sharp*

Black Obsidian is the ultimate mirror and protector. It is grounding and cleansing of negativity.  It is a powerful stone that will bring your subconsious truth to the surface and ask you to deal with it.  Due to Black Obsidian's beautiful reflective qualities, it is also the perfect stone for scrying.

This stunning medium (large hand size) chunk measures 9.9 x 8.4 x 4.7cm and weighs 484gms.

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