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Blue Tara - Blue Riebeckite Included Quartz Rare I (GSL3-1I)

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Beautiful Blue Riebeckite included single quartz Point.

Tara, the name meaning "Star".  Reflective of the feminine Buddha this uniquely beautiful Brazillian Quartz contains Riebeckite and Olenite with Indicolite Blue Tourmaline inclusions or phantoms that are boron related minerals.  A stone of communication and wisdom it also promotes truth, assists in problem solving and encourages us to act in service to others.  Some say her energy speaks of the ocean although when sitting with these crystals, I am drawn to the sky, spirit, intuition and the throat for speaking our truth and the depth and wisdom of the crown chaka. 

A truly unique healing crystal perfect for our spiritual healing toolbox.

Origin:  Brazil.

This piece measures 2.4cm x 1.5cm x 9mm and weighs 3.6gms.

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