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Bumblebee Jasper Tumblestones Each Medium (NU-1-8M)


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Bumblebee Jasper Medium Tumblestones (Also known as Eclipse Jasper) from Indonesia.

Each one of these will weigh between 15 and 25gms

A Highly prized stone with an element of excitement and danger.  Forged by Volcanic Energy these beauties pack an energetic punch!  They contain a natural uplifting and driving power, they are a perfect stone to push you to and beyond your limits.  They are an energetic boost to your self-esteem and assist you in seeking opportunity.

**These guys must be handled with care due to a level of toxicity from the volcanic minerals.  Polished Items tend to have a natural seal BUT Always handle safely and wash hands afterwards to be safe.  Do not use directly for elixers or in water for consuming**

We have individually packaged these to try to create a barrier when handling.

Price is per Tumble - We will intuitively choose your gorgeous tumble/s for you!

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