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Citrine Kundalini Quartz Large Lightbrary Cluster Natural Untreated Congo (T52-6)

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Exquisite Natural Untreated Citrine Kundalini Quartz Large Cluster.  Beautiful golden energy with numerous sparkling points.

Are you wanting to bring in and create ALL of the Good Stuff?  Looking into manifesting Abundance, Wealth, Health, Love, Life, or just wanting Sunshine in a Crystal?  Then you need Citrine.  Citrine is the powerhouse of the Law of Attraction and a Must Have in the Crystal Kit!  Put in your wealth corner when practising Feng Shui, put a piece in your bag or wallet for continuous attraction of wealth and sunshine, or you can pop a cluster or nice point on your till to help bring in the $$$.

This cluster is Perfect for a large grid to bring in all of that amazing abundance or this piece would be amazing in a healing class to uplift everyone's spirits.  

Origin:  Lwena, Congo

Note - There is damage to one of the main points with tiny nicks on one or two of the smaller points although truly an amazing cluster.

This beauty measures 11.5 x 11.7 x 8.2cm and weighs 998gms.  Almost a kilo of Amazing!

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