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Clear Quartz Natural Warrior Points - 71gm Lot (T55-16-B71)

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A mix of Larger and Smaller Clear Quartz Warrior Crystal Points from Madagascar.  These guys although wounded are lovely.  Warrior crystals are imperfect, damaged or just not exactly how we would like them to be.  For us they represent an ability to work through our quirks and our actual and perceived "brokens" to find acceptance for what is and a way to become whole again.  They contain the energy of the type of crystal with an extra dose of understanding and compassion to help us heal and work through our obstacles.

Perfect for use in a healing grid or as a creative healing jewellery piece or mojo pocket comfort pouch.

They measure for the smallest 2.3cm x 9mm and the largest 7.4cm x 1.8cm x 1.4cm.  There are 7 pieces and their total weight is 71gms.

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