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Copal Amber Pieces D Upto 4gms Each (T81-9D)


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Copal Amber is a Tree Resin or Young Amber that as it ages will mature/fossilize into what we know as Amber.  It carries similar energies to Amber in that it is cleansing.  It is protective and useful in manifesting, transmuting and uplifting energies and raises negativity into positivity.  It carries the energies of the sun and is a light beautifully energetic material to work with.

These beauties vary in colour from lighter to deep golden honey.  Some of these pieces may have plant or insect material.

Each of these pieces vary in shape and size and measure between 3 upto 4gms (Average 3.4gms) in weight.

We will intuitively choose your selection especially for you from the pieces photographed.

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