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Angel Aura Quartz Small Cluster E (SL2-3-34E)

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4.9 x 3.3 x 3.9cm ~ 50.5gms

Stunning Angel Aura Quartz Small Cluster.

Aura Quartz is said to be a highly vibrational calming and peaceful stone.  It allows for optimism and has a soft but uplifting energy.  Attuned to Angel energy they are the perfect piece to meditate with when you are needing a little extra divine help.

This beautiful clear quartz cluster has been treated with an electroplated Aura coating to create what is known as an iridescent Angel Aura Effect.  You can see clour changing shades of gold, pink, purple, aqua and orange rainbows across the surface of the quartz also adding a beautiful sparkle.

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