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Garnierite Sphere 51mm (IY2-4-5)

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51mm in Diametre (Across the middle) ~ Weighs 191gms.

Garnierite Polished Sphere.  A Unique relatively new find in Madagascar.

**Please note - This piece does have two filled areas around the base of the sphere.  It is not uncommon for a feldspar to fracture under the pressure during the polishing process.  The price reflects this gorgeous Warrior - Please zoom in on the photos for details. 

Garnierite shimmers with the classic feldspar chatoyance and occasionally features a hint of blue flash which is classic of moonstone.  Hence it also being known as "Green Moonstone".  This stone is a part of the Feldspar Family which includes the likes of Labradorite, Sunstone, Amazonite, and Moonstone.

Feldspar nurtures trust in self and stands by us as we face life's difficulties.  They assist in lifting our self esteem up and bring us back into a positive space.

Bring the healing, nurturing energies of the green into your life with Garnierite (also known as Falcondoite) .  A beautifully calm stone of peace, tranquility and heart healing.

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