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Golden Seraphinite 925 Silver Ring (SHU36-223)

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Beautifully feathered Golden Seraphinite 925 Silver Ring.  A stunning rarer variety of Seraphinite, this stone is also found in Russia.

Seraphinite is known as the stone of the Angels.  A highly vibrational stone, it will assist you in connecting to the divine energies.  It is beautifully cleansing and protective. Golden Seraphinite is known to assist in combining these energies but also activating the Kundalini energy. This stone contains the beautifully protective Golden Rays and will bring beautiful positive energies into your life.

This beautiful 925 Silver Ring is a Size 8.5 or Q-1/2 and the diameter of the ring (across the middle) is 1.9cm. The Cabachon in this piece measures 1.9 x 1.4cm.

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