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Hematoid Red Gold Large Polished Palmstone A


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Stunning Red and Gold Polished Large Hematoid Palmstone Freeform with Phoenix Shadowing within.

Hematite is beautifully protective, grounding and this in addition to the amplifications of the gorgeous Clear Quartz will help to keep you balanced with true clarity.  Together they will assist in bringing the sub-conscious to our conscious so we can choose our responses wisely.  It is perfect for bringing us to a calm, centred space.

Featuring slight Red shadowed phantom lines these are perfect for allowing a "safe space" for the Inner Child to release and heal emotions that no longer serve.  Red is also the colour of confidence so after all the hard work you do with these beauties you can then allow this beautiful piece to truly bring you out to shine!

This gorgeous large palmstone measures 6.8 x 5.2 x 2.7cm and weighs 145.2gms.

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