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Kunzite XX-Small Grid Set B - 12 Pieces (RM1-15SETB)

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Natural Rough Light Pink/Lilac Kunzite Grid Set of 12 XX-Small Pieces.

These pieces are a mix of quality from gemmy to cloudy.

Soft, gentle and nurturing, Kunzite is the stone of Unconditional and Divine Love.  It is soothing, it supports self love and emotional healing.  It is highly spiritual and just a beautiful loving stone to work with and from time to time can be useful to work with to sooth anxiety and related feelings.  It is a crystal that brings loving focus back to self.  This set is perfect for use in creating Loving and Healing Grids.

Origin:  Afghanistan

Each piece measures approx 7mm  x 9mm to 1.2cm in size and the total weight for the 12 Pieces is 14.1gms.

You will receive the pieces as featured in the photographs.

***Please Note that the photos taken on the black background have really picked up on the lilac purple in the crystals.  Please see the crystals in our hand  and white background photos for a truer representation of colour***

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