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Lapis Lazuli XL Tumbles Each


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The stone of Egyptian Royalty, Lapis Lazuli was used to adorn their costume, tombs, jewellery and palaces.  It was even used as eye makeup!  Lapis will ask us to "dig deep" to find our Royalty and Truths within.

Key notes:  Intuition, Third Eye, Deep Knowing, Vision, Truth, Past Lives Exploration, Self Knowledge, Psychic Ability, Awareness.

"Lapis will guide me to my deepest truths and knowing with clarity".  The perfect journeying stone, when working with Lapis it will take you through past lifetimes uncovering stories, lessons and truths that may assist in understanding what may hold us back and uncover our true worth and inner gems.  It helps with awareness, clarity, enhancing our psychic ability and opens the way for opportunity.

These stunning extra large tumbles measure approximately 4.2 x 3.1 x 2cm and weigh approximately 55gms each.

We will intuitively select your chosen stone/s for you out of these amazing stones pictured.

Please note the artificial light in the hand photo does make these stones look darker than they actually are. 

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