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Lazulite Polished Large Massage Wand (T73-34A)


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This Gorgeous Lazulite is a new find in Madagascar.  Coming in shades of lighter and darker blues, sometimes with shades of grey and white with hints of blue sparkle. It is a calming and meditative stone.  Not often found in this larger form, this Lazulite formation is able to be shaped into powerful metaphysical tools that can truly help us on our journey.  This large polished wand is a perfect massage or  meditation tool to use on your healing journey.

Lazulite is insightful, calming and will assist with speaking the truth as it is linked to the throat chakra.  It is balancing and uplifting through the crown, third eye and throat chakras.  Intuitive and high energy this new form is the new stone to work with as we travel through the mind body spirit healing journey..

Origin: Tsiambenana, Madagascar. 

This large massage wand measures 16.5cm x 3.5 x 3.2cm and weighs 266gms.

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