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Lithium Candle Quartz Natural Large Point ( T73-14H)

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Gorgeous Lithium coated Phantom Candle Quartz Large Single Point.  Beautifully dusted with dusky lithium hints around the whole piece.  It is a perfectly balanced and uniform point.

Lithium Quartz is often used as a natural anti depressant and is highly useful in meditations whilst assisting in the reducing of anxiety.  It is peaceful, soothing and calming.

Brazil has always been the original source of Lithium Quartz with recent finds being mined in both Western Australia and Madagascar over the last few years.  This piece is perfect as a Crystal Healing Tool.  It is a perfect fit to the hand to direct energy within or outwards for Meditation and Healing.

This particular formation is known as Pineapple Quartz, Celestial Quartz or Ananas Quartz which translates to Pineapple) is often described as a single point surrounded by many smaller crystals generally growing parallel to the main point creating a formation similar to wax as it runs down a burning candle.  Pineapple Quartz is a "wisdom" crystal known to contain Akashic Records of the past and can assist you to travel within to allow for truth and healing.  A strong though gentle healing crystal.

Please note this point does have a chip on the tip of the point.

Origin:  Ansirabe, Madagascar.

This wise calming large single point measures 9.6 x 5.9 x 4.1cm and weighs 345gms.

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