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Lodolite Phantom Waterclear Rutile Quartz Polished A Grade Point G (GEO-59G)


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Exquisitely stunning Waterclear Polished Rutile and Chocolate Phantom Included Quartz.

Also known as Lodolite and Garden Quartz due to the amazing internal wonders that these beauties have created during their growth.  These amazing crystals feature what appears to be a darker chocolate clay phantom within with swirls and layers of suspended mystery.

It is said that Lodolite Quartz is perfect for working with our Inner Child releasing emotional inner hurts and turmoil.  Being a beautiful visual example of transformation, this crystal will assist you to embrace change, to go within and transform that which no longer serves and will show you your internal beauty and uniqueness.  It is the perfect stone to meditate with and to assist you in working with past life healing.

Phantoms are a visual reminder of the ghosts of our past.  We always take note when we see these beautiful shadows within our crystals.  They are there to remind us that we can break through societal and genetic created patterning to heal and work through our traumas, our past lives and all things that no longer serve us.  They are cleansing, clearing and perfect to awaken us to our new beginnings leaving the memories as nothing more than a whisper.

Powerful amplification between the Golden Antennas of Rutile and the Clarity of Quartz.  A stone of creativity and manifestation, it is uplifting and cleansing.  Use Rutile Quartz to help you focus and guide your intentions and bring joy and abundance into your life.

This Stunning Polished Included Point measures 3.1 x 3.3 x 2.4cm and weighs 37gms.

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