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Mtorolite Polished Pieces Rare Each (T21-14)


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Uniquely gorgeous and fairly rare Mtororlite Polished Pieces.  Mtorolite is a rare form of Green Chalcedony coloured by the inclusion of Chromium which often leads to the pieces being called Chrome Chalcedony.  It is also extremely similar to Chrysophrase.

A beautifully nurturing heart chakra healing stone, it is a stone of strength during hardship, it is soothing and cleansing, a reminder to return to the calming, soothing energies of the earth.  Like Chrysophrase it also promotes compassion and forgiveness.

Location:  Mutoroshanga, Zimbabwe

These unique beauties are a great size for a pocket piece and measure 4 x 3.5 x 1.2cm and weigh 15 to 17gms each approximately (based on smallest piece).

Price is Per Piece and we will intuitively choose your selection of these amazing pieces for you.

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