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Peach Moonstone Graphic Feldspar Large Palm Stones Asst EACH


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Gorgeously Chatoyant Large Peach Graphic Feldspar with Smoky Quartz Palm Stone.  Also known as Microline and Salmonzite.

These beauties shimmer with the classic feldspar chatoyance which is famous amongst the Feldspar Family which includes the likes of Labradorite, Sunstone, Amazonite, and Moonstone.

Featuring the stabilising energies of Smoky Quartz which is brilliant for keeping us grounded and protected during energy healing sessions.  It is also known to assist in neutralising negative energies.

Peach moonstone carries the energies of all moonstone in that there are intuitive feminine energies at play.  Peach moonstone is known to sooth the heart and feelings of anxiousness.  It is perfect for sensitive children and to sooth childlike fears.

Feldspar nurtures trust in self and stands by us as we face life's difficulties.  They assist in lifting our self esteem up and bring us back into a positive space.

These beauties are sold by piece and we will intuitively select your palmstone/palmstones for you.

Each one of these measures approximately 6.4cm x 4.5cm x 2.8cm and weigh approx 120gms.

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