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Pietersite Blue Gold Sphere Namibia Rare (T31-38-A57)

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Gorgeous Chatoyant Blue and Gold Pietersite polished gemstone sphere.  This sphere does have some interesting markings.  We are not sure if it is due to the polishing process or the actual nature of the material being polished.

Known as the "Tempest Stone" or the "Stone of the Storm" for assisting you to stay centered in times of turmoil.  Pietersite during its formation kind of came apart and rebuilt and these energies continue to be its strongest point as it is known to help you to stay centred whilst allowing you to do the same.  It is a stunningly peaceful and magical stone.

This amazing hand polished sphere has interesting markings as per the photos with some nice blue, grey and gold flash throughout and amazing energy.  It is extremely high vibration and perfect as a pocket stone or display piece.

Origin:  Namibia, Africa.

This beauty measures 3.6cm in diametre (across the widest point in the middle) and weighs 56.6gms.

See a short video of this Gorgeous Chatoyant Pietersite Sphere on our Insta.

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