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Pink and Black Tourmaline with Lepidolite Sphere (IY2-5-1)


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Gorgeous Pink Tourmaline featuring Black Tourmaline and Beautiful Lepidolite in Quartz Sphere.

Pink Tourmaline is a beautiful high vibration crystal perfect for balancing the emotional bodies into the now.  It assists with courage surrounding all issues associated with matters of the heart (including childhood hurts and all relationships). It will give you strength, knowledge and power in moving through and away from that which does not serve.  If you wish to re-open your heart chakra to allow to yourself to heal with loving energies, then Pink Tourmaline is the perfect healing crystal for your collection.

Lepidolite is a beautiful stone to assist in reducing stress and anxiety as it contains natural lithium which is proven to calm and sooth.  It assists in lifting the blues and seeing the "whys" behind the emotions.  Lepidolite is also known to help to calm overactivity both in the physical and the mind and can assist with sleep issues. 

A master protector, black tourmaline is said to cleanse and sweep negative energies and entities from you and your surroundings.  It will transform negativity into a positive whilst keeping you calm and grounded.

This beautiful sphere measures 70mm in Diametre (across the middle) and weighs 476gms.

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