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Purple Anhydrite (Angelite) With Diopside Polished Freeform RARE B (T84-2-10B)

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Hand carved and polished, beautifully shimmering and chatoyant, freestanding Purple Anhydrite and Green Diopside display piece.  We have been trying to get some of these beauties forever and here they are!

Beautifully calm and soothing, Rare and highly sort after, Purple Anhydrite (also known as Angelite) is our connection to the Angels and Intuition and assists with bringing these into balance. It is a beautiful meditation stone, allowing for clarity and guidance whilst in the meditative state.  A nurturing stone that allows acceptance of our place in the now.  It is a beautiful stone to assist in working through past traumas.

This piece features what appears to be a yin yang balance of Anhydrite and Diopside.  It is cut to stand.

Green Diopside is our guide to help with our connection to Gaia.  A healing Earth stone that helps us with true knowledge to heal and understand.  It shows us clarity in how to show compassion in our immediate space, to the earth and the world around us.

This Stunning Purple Anhydrite Hand Polished Freeform measures 6.3 x 6.1 x 5cm and weighs 238.7gms.

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