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Pyrite Egg B (GSL-2B)


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Stunning sparkling Pyrite Gemstone Egg.

Key notes:  Masculine Energy, Drive, Uplifting, Energy, Taking Action, Confidence, Positivity.

"I strive with zest and drive" is the message of Pyrite.  It won't let you quit and will uplift you to focus and push through so you can get things done!

Pyrite is a physical doing stone.   It will help with manifesting abundance and to bring those energies into our now motivating us to make things happen.

Perfect for helping us to balance our masculine energies within.  Remember there is no YIN without YANG.  It is the perfect warrior stone helping us to stand up for the little guy, including the one within in a positive light.

This sparkling beauty measures 40mm in height x 31mm and weighs 82gms.

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