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Rare Eudialyte Natural Polished Freeform Madagascar (T71-39C)

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This gorgeous Eudialyte polished freeform features an area which has been left natural which give character.  It features hints of smoky quartz in a black ferro manganese and feldspar matrix. This is a gorgeous new find from the Ambanja region in Madagascar.

Eudialyte is a heart chakra crystal used to help balance the emotions and bring harmony.  It will assist in bringing your desires into being, it allows us to be open to sharing, giving and receiving love.

Smoky Quartz is perfect for detoxifying and cleansing.  It assists in keeping us grounded and protected during energy healing sessions, It has been known to assist in neutralising negative energies, radiation and electromagnetic rays (many keep a smoky quartz crystal next to their work computers for this reason and also in their healing crystal pouch during hospital visits whilst undergoing radiation treatments).

Black Manganese supports positive energy, eases discomfort and removes negativity.  It is grounding and balancing.

This amazing piece measures 5.7
 x 5.2 x 3.1cm and weighs 137gms.

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