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Smoky Amethyst Skeletal Polished Point (T26-23A)

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Gorgeous Pale Amethyst with hints of darker amethyst, smoky quartz and golden limonite in this beautifully polished skeletal point.

Skeletal or Elestial Quartz refers to the formation of layers within where often clay and water can become trapped as the crystal grows.  Perfect for peeling back the layers of wisdom and healing.  Feature the gift of intuition grounded into now.

This beauty does have a flaw within the point and the price of this magical piece is reflected accordingly.  This has been polished over and seems as though it is a part of the crystal.

Trying to capture the personality of this piece in a photograph was extremely difficult and due to the multifaceted layers of this beautiful crystal I would not be surprised if there might be a small water bubble or two within the layers.

Origin:  Africa.

This stunning beauty measures 5.6 x 4.6 x 4.2cm and weighs 130gms.

Purple Brown Golden

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