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Smoky Ametrine Spirit Quartz Cluster (T70-7A)

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Sparkling Blend of Amethyst, Smoky and Citrine Spirit Quartz Cluster (also known as Cactus Quartz). This piece is the perfect pocket or palm piece.

Gorgeous points, amazing depth of colour and lots of sparkle.  Spirit Quartz amplifies and radiates energy due to the many sparkling smaller crystals that grow from the main crystal.  It allows us to focus and work with the issues at hand, unites people and creates an environment that allows groups to work together.

This beauty carries the energy of Amethyst allowing for connection with "spiritual wisdom" with soft wispy purple hues through the points.  These gorgeous wispy points are surrounded by the energies of hints of grounding and stability of smoky quartz and the manifesting and abundance strength of Citrine.  It is quite the powerhouse!

Origin:   Kwandebele, South Africa.

This sparkling beauty measures 5 x 4 x 2.2cm and weighs 47gms.

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