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Smoky Quartz Palmstone A Grade (T42-20C)


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Stunning water clear hand polished A Grade Smoky Quartz Palmstone with Golden Healer (limonite) Inclusions and Veils.

Smoky Quartz is perfect for detoxifying and cleansing.  It assists in keeping us grounded and protected during energy healing sessions, It has been known to assist in neutralising negative energies, radiation and electromagnetic rays (many keep a smoky quartz crystal next to their work computers for this reason and also in their healing crystal pouch during hospital visits whilst undergoing radiation treatments).

Due to the inclusion of internal veils and hints of tiny rainbows this beauty will uplift and add a level of joy to the journey.

Origin:  Madagascar.

This beautiful palmstone measures 5.9 x 4.1 x 3cm and weighs 59gms.

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